The first SQL Server 2016 TPC-E benchmark results were published last week by Lenovo and Fujitsu, each using Intel's new Broadwell E5-2699 V4 22 core (44 thread) 2.20 Ghz processer in 2 socket configuration.
These two new benchmarks occupy top rankings for TPC-E Price / Performance but gains cannot be distinguished clearly between hardware vs SQL Server as the use of latest Intel CPUs allows no direct comparison against earlier SQL Server 2014 benchmarks on similar hardware.

TPE-E Top Ten Price Performance Results

A review of both benchmark disclosure reports indicates no use of new SQL Server 2016 features such as In-Memory OLTP which would likely improve performance considerably. We look forward to seeing future benchmarks implement SQL Server 2016's considerable performance optimisations.
Lenovo's benchmark is the first for its x3650 M5 2 socket server since IBM's last benchmark on this server back in 2014 on the x3650 M4 version. 
Throughput was 4,938.14 from 44 CPU cores & 512GB RAM which is proportionally superior to Lenovo's x3950 X6 December 2015 benchmark which achieved TPC-E throughput of 11,058.99 from 144 CPU core & 4TB RAM
In short, Lenovo achieved 44% throughput from 30% CPU core count & only 12% RAM between these two recent TPC-E benchmarks
In case you'd like to review the details, here are links to the TPC-E benchmarks

Lenovo's x3650 M5 SQL Server 2016 benchmark

Lenovo's x3950 X6 SQL Server 2014 benchmark