Health Checks of SQL Server Systems, Environments and Databases

MyDBA's SQL Server System and Database global Health Check service is a comprehensive, holistic review and analysis of your SQL Server systems and processes to ensure your mission critical systems are sufficiently provisioned, configured, protected and optimised.

The review can be performed remotely for any server around the globe and covers all facets of hardware and software configuration, performance, resource utilisation and maintenance practises, including:

  • Memory sufficiency
  • Query performance
  • Indexing
  • Disk configuration
  • Database design
  • Filesystem placement
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Backup processes
  • High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery plan

How the Service Works

MyDBA's SQL Server System and Database Health Check Process


The Health Check process starts with a kickoff discussion (face-to-face or phone conference depending on your location) regarding the issues or concerns you have with your environment and any specific goals you have for your health check review.

A suitable time to monitor the server is agreed which usually represents either peak activity or known periods of difficulty.


MyDBA's unique Health Check service uses our own SQL Server monitoring platform, SQLBenchmarkPro, to collect key performance and environmental data.

Monitor and Discover

Our monitoring services are left to monitor and collect data for the duration of the monitoring period (often 7 days).

Review and Report

At the conclusion of the monitoring period the data collected is processed and analysed by an expert SQL Server consultant, who prepares a written report outlining observations & recommendations.

This report is then provided and presented to you. The end-to-end process generally takes about two weeks from initiation to completion, depending on your requirements.

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