Remotely monitor your SQL Servers from the cloud for FREE!
Identify performance risks before they become a problem.

  • Database monitoring as a service

    SQLBenchmarkPro is the only FREE database performance and health monitoring tool and service hosted in the cloud. SQLBenchmarkPro can be used by everyone. Whether you're a global enterprise with 100's of servers, a small business, a startup or even a software vendor looking to monitor the health of your application within your client environments.

  • Monitor your SQL Servers from anywhere

    Access your SQLBenchmarkPro performance portal from anywhere via the web, whether at your desk or on your mobile device

    The SQLBenchmarkPro Web Portal is an interactive and powerful set of dashboards, tools and reports enabling you to remotely monitor, diagnose and analyse performance and health across all of your SQL Servers

  • Yes, it really is free.

    SQLBenchmarkPro is a free service...ongoing. To keep the service free we limit the amount of historical performance data we can store for you on our cloud servers. The free service continues by automatically truncating your oldest data so that you can continue monitoring.

    If you decide you'd like to do advanced analysis on your critical systems, including longer-term trend analysis, we offer flexible monthly plans which you can upgrade to anytime, without any long term commitment. Learn more about SQLBenchmarkPro Plans

  • Zero installation on live servers

    SQLBenchmarkPro installs nothing on your monitored database servers. A single SQLBenchmarkPro Agent can monitor all of your SQL Servers and should be installed on a separate monitoring server (often a VM).

    See SQLBenchmarkPro Agent System requirements and Installation recommendations

  • How it works

    A locally installed SQLBenchmarkPro Agent continuously monitors all of your servers and captures query and server statistics. This critical data is sent to our cloud servers for long term storage, so that periods of performance degradation can easily be compared to good performance periods (benchmarks). See how SQLBenchmarkPro works

  • It's all about the queries

    SQLBenchmarkPro monitors individual query performance from your SQL Server databases, working at a deeper level than other monitoring systems which often only report generic SQL Server statistics.

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  • Your sensitive data stays with you

    No data from your databases ever leaves your network.

    Query parameters containing your sensitive business and user data, are deleted before your performance data is uploaded to our cloud servers.

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