SQLBenchmarkPro Web Portal Tour & Screenshots

Remotely monitor and analyse your SQL Servers from anywhere

Access your SQLBenchmarkPro Web Portal from anywhere via the web, whether at your desk or on your mobile device

The SQLBenchmarkPro Web Portal is an interactive and powerful set of dashboards, tools and reports enabling you to monitor, diagnose and analyse point-in-time performance and health across all off your SQL Servers

Analysis tools, reports and screenshots

All Systems Summary Dashboard

  • A complete list and overview of all of your SQL Server Systems
  • SQLBenchmarkPro Screenshot: All Systems Summary Report
  • Machines & Resources (CPU, RAM, OS Versions / Editions)
  • Storage Volumes/Usage
  • SQL Server Instances, Versions / Editions / Collations

SQL Server Host

Host Summary

An overview of the host machine including Machine name, O/S Version, Is Virtual, Total Memory MB, CPU Thread Count, CPU Model, Manufacturer, Model, Last Reboot, Timezone


Host and SQL Instance Alerts can be configured (depending on your plan)

SQL Server Instances

Query Workload Reports

Point-in-time query workload analysis by reads, CPU, executions, duration including drill-in historical performance for problem queries

SQL Agent Jobs

Database Files Volume Usage

  • Volume Data File Trends
  • Volume Data File Trends

Database Explorer