A message from MyDBA Managing Diretor Greg Linwood
The recent earthquakes around Kathmandu have taken a terrible toll on the Nepali people.
All of our staff and their immediate families are safe and un-harmed but a few have either totally lost their homes or suffered significant damage.
We have received many messages of encouragement from our customers, suppliers and partners. I have not been able to respond to these yet due to the challenges in simply surviving this week but I would like to thank everybody here first and will respond individually as soon as possible.
I was in north west Kathmandu toward the epicenter, visiting a blind children's orphanage that MyDBA supports when the quake hit but escaped with minor injuries. A separate account of my personal experience of the earthquake will be published shortly.
I have departed Kathmandu temporarily to seek medical attention in Singapore for the mother of the family who accommodates me during my visits to Kathmandu. Her illness does not relate to the earthquake but she depends on frequent medical assistance and the hospitals in Kathmandu are either too damaged or overrun with casualties to provide reliable medical services for her.
MyDBA's office in Kathmandu is temporarily closed for a period of 7 days to allow our Nepali staff to focus on looking after their familes during the immediate aftermath & recovery period.
Our office building has been cracked but is still standing and we are waiting on an engineering inspection to determine it's safety before returning
Members of our Melbourne and Sydney based teams have assumed additional responsibilities and MyDBA's services are continuing to be delivered smoothly.
I will return to Kathmandu on May 5th to assist our Nepali staff and resume our Kathmandu operations asap.
MyDBA will definitely be continuing its operations in Kathmandu.
Nepal now has its own mountain to climb and will need Sherpas to support them.